The normal price for goat milk is around Rs 35-40 a litre

Dengue fallout Goat milk price hits Rs2000 in NCRGoat milk is being sold at Rs 500 to 2,000 per litre, as it is believed that the milk helps recover fast from dengue fever
news Wednesday, September 16, 2015 - 09:02

Following suggestions by traditional healers that goat milk may be beneficial to people infected with dengue, the price of such milk in the National Capital Region (NCR) has reportedly soared to Rs.2,000 per litre.

Though it is claimed that goat milk helps in increasing platelet count -- which drops alarmingly in dengue patients -- there is no scientific evidence to back this belief.

"It is mentioned in our books that goat milk helps in recovering fast from dengue fever, as the milk is light and easy to digest," Gurgaon ayurvedic officer Sushila Dahiya told IANS.

Goat breeders Totaram and Jaikishan from nearby Rithoj village said some of their relatives in Gurgaon informed them that there was a huge demand for goat milk.

"We have been informed that the milk was being sold at Rs.500-2,000 per litre," Jaikishan told IANS.

"We have over 60 goats but many of them are in the calving stage. Currently, only 3-4 litres of milk is available with us," he said.

Jaikishan said the normal price for goat milk is around Rs.35-40 a litre.

On patients suffering from dengue and asking for goat milk, he said: "We don't charge for the milk and don't provide one person more than 400 ml. People often return to our home to say thanks after recovering from dengue."


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