On-demand healthcare service mfine launches in Hyd, ties up with 5 top hospitals

The hospitals include KIMS, KIMS-BIBI, MaxCure Suyosha, Aster Prime and Sunshine.
On-demand healthcare service mfine launches in Hyd, ties up with 5 top hospitals
On-demand healthcare service mfine launches in Hyd, ties up with 5 top hospitals
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mfine, an AI-powered, on-demand healthcare service which enables virtual medical consultations, is now live in Hyderabad. mfine is an always-on health companion for consumers, enabling them to consult doctors within 60 seconds, anytime and from anywhere. mfine has partnered with five of the city’s leading hospitals which include KIMS, KIMS-BIBI, MaxCure Suyosha, Aster Prime, and Sunshine. Currently, Hyderabad accounts for 15% of consultations done on mfine. To address this demand and increase accessibility for consumers in Hyderabad, mfine plans to sign up 25 hospitals and more than 100 doctors in the next 6 months. The company will also expand into Warangal, Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam soon.  

Prasad Kompalli, CEO and co-founder, mfine said, “We believe that digital health is poised to transform the Indian healthcare system and is an inevitable solution to the low doctor-patient ratio and non-uniform distribution of doctors across the country. Users are valuing the speed of access and the comfort of having top docs from trusted institutions available round the clock. Doctors are loving the system as they are assisted by state of the art AI tech and they are more productive and effective with mfine. Hyderabad is one of India’s leading hubs in healthcare and home to some of the top specialists and hospitals in the country. Our initial conversations with the city’s hospitals have been very promising and we are excited to bring this service to the people of Hyderabad.”

mfine’s mhealth solution enables users to consult with doctors, virtually and when they need. The consultation covers complete diagnoses and a valid digital prescription. Users can also securely store their health records and track various health parameters for themselves and for the entire family. Doctors are able to get structured inputs on the patient's history via chat, video, images, documents etc.

On mfine, not only are users consulting for episodic illnesses like viral infections but also for chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis. Patients are also consulting for super specialities such as cardiology, orthopedics and fertility. The startup will soon launch additional services such as monitoring of vitals, collection of samples for lab tests and medicine delivery at home. Several digital tools are also in the pipeline to help users track chronic conditions, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and aid recovery - depending on user requirements. 

At the core of mfine is its powerful AI-powered diagnosis engine which assists doctors and improves their efficiency and effectiveness dramatically. The AI system is able to collect detailed information from the patients and suggest accurate diagnosis and treatment plans for doctors, enabling them to treat more patients efficiently and effectively. The machine learning algorithms embedded with deep medical protocols help doctors deliver high quality care consistently at large scale. 

mfine follows a unique model of partnering with leading and trusted hospitals instead of aggregating individual doctors on its platform. Hospital partnerships enable mfine to make high quality care of trusted doctors available on a digital channel – for the first time in the country. For the hospitals, mfine is their new centre on the cloud bringing in more patients and offering premium services, long-term care programs, super specialties without any upfront investments. 

The startup believes that on-demand service solves not just convenience of access but also allows for early detection of health issues, makes it easy to track health and recovery, and makes follow-ups effortless and improves medication compliance. mfine will expand into the top 25 cities in India over the the next couple of years and bring the top doctors of the country onto its digital platform - making them much more accessible and helping them bring their high quality healthcare to millions of people across the country. 

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