Bitter-sarcastic laddoo tweets that have set the ball rolling.

Delhi BJP offers laddoos for people in ATM queues Twitter has not so sweet responseLaddoo image by Moulikjoshi91, via Wikimedia Commons
news Demonetisation Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 19:02

The Bharatiya Janata Party in Delhi is reportedly all set to reward the public for holding their “patience” while awaiting in the long serpentine ATM queues- this time, with laddoos.

In what they call a “sweet” gesture to soothe the bitter experience of demonetization, the “ingenious” plan involves BJP cadres armed with boxes of laddoos targeting the households in the city, and distributing one laddoo per family- a token of thanks for “patience” and endurance.

Erstwhile Bhojpuri actor, and newly appointed Delhi BJP chief, Manoj Tiwari confirmed this to The Indian Express. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched this revolutionary step to tackle black money. Despite facing some inconvenience, people supported the move. Now, it is our turn to thank them and show our appreciation and respect for their patience,” he told IE.

Welcoming the new year, from January 1 to January 10, cadres will begin their laddoo-distribution mission.

Yet while Tiwari continues to quote the “sweetness” of the gesture with, “Logon ka dhanywaad karna to banta hai” (We should express our gratitude), Twitter seems to have exploded once again, but with more bitter than sweet expression.

Here are a few bitter-sarcastic laddoo tweets that have set the ball rolling: