We all know your strengths; it is on the basis of these that we voted for you. But you do have some weaknesses too

Voices Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 05:30
By Gaurav, Dear Sir Firstly, Congratulations to you and your party, on your spectacular victory. India has longed for a stable, decisive government for many years, and it appears, we have put you in a position, from where you can deliver the same. We have a lot of expectations from you sir. As much as this is your victory, it is a defeat of the Congress. We weren't quite pleased with what they did for ten years, and weren't excited about what they promised in the future, hence we chose you. Rest assured, if there was a better person than you, in a better position than you, to ensure the Congress doesn't come to power, we would have voted for him. But as things stood, you seemed to be our best bet. This doesn't take anything away from how you led your campaign, traversing to the remotest pockets of India, engaging with us at every level, pushing your mind and body to the limits, to win our support. Kudos to you sir. India hasn't seen such a resounding victory for the last 30 years. But that doesn’t mean you are the best PM candidate in the last 30 years. Like all humans, you too have your imperfections. We all know your strengths; it is on the basis of these that we voted for you. But you do have some weaknesses too. We expect you to deliver on your strengths, but also to work on your weaknesses. Your first perceived weakness is, some of our friends are afraid of you and your supporters. Religious Minorities, Gender Minorities (LGBTs), Political Minorities and Ideological Minorities have a feeling of insecurity. You need to change this. You have to ensure that everybody in India, is free to pursue his own religious beliefs and his own lifestyle choices. Freedom of speech has to be ensured to each and every one of us. As the Prime Minister, it is your duty to address these basic concerns immediately. You have articulated this in your campaign as “Sabka saath, Sabka Vikas”, and we hope you implement it. We have voted out a Parivar, we don’t want another. Sir, you come from the Sangh Parivar Cadres. It is true, that the RSS does some good work, but some of their ideas about India, are not acceptable to some of our friends. We voted for you, we didn’t vote for the RSS. We know you are a strong leader and we hope, RSS will not influence you overtly in your decision making. Thirdly, you are seen as somewhat of an Autocrat. While this might seem a positive to take decisions, given India’s cultural diversity, it is imperative that you take everybody along in your decision making process. You need to shirk off this image, and show yourself as a consensus builder, who is accommodating, but firm. It is a fine balance, but for the sake of India’s future, we need you to emulate Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his philosophy of Raj Dharma. Sir, as I have said, you know your strengths, and I don’t think we need to elaborate on that. You have the chance to shape India’s future and to make it a true superpower. The hopes and aspirations of an entire generation are linked to you. We hope you will not disappoint us. A voter.
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