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Dasara Carnival at Thrill Station Watch fireworks light up the sky from the SkyWheel
Saturday, October 08, 2016 - 12:22

What is the modern Dasara like?

The scent of holiday freedom is in the air. Kids smile a lot more and office work is lean. Families watch mighty Ravan come crashing down ablaze in some far-off location, on their TV screens.

So where is the thrill?

This year, you are going to have a Dasara like never before. This year, your boredom is the evil, and thrill your hero.

It won’t just be a festival of lights, but a sky full of spectacular fireworks.

A bolt of lightning will emerge from the Flash TowerHurricane and Boomerang and it will transform your Dasara into a festival of sensation. 

This year, you are going to celebrate the Dasara of Thrill.




As you enjoy your high-thrill rides and water pools, you will be witness to the vibrant colours of a grand carnival, a show organized just for this season.

As you get the adrenaline rush on high-thrill rides, you will witness the fireworks.

When you are riding the wave in the water pool, a giant Ravana will be towering over you.

Witness unbelievable magic acts and phenomenal cultural processions through Mangalore Dance Dolls and Nasik Band. What's more, there will be a lot of shopping, amazing food and delightful arts and crafts for the children.

There is going to be something fun for everyone at the #ThrillStation, but Dasara Style.

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