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The News Minute | November 9, 2014 | 05:45 pm IST  Qinza Najm and Saks Afridi, Pakistan born American artists, have come up with a novel project- they are asking women who wear hijabs to take a selfie and upload it on social networking sites with the hastag 'Damn I Look Good'. 'Damn I Look Good is a performance art piece about tolerance, liberation, and challenging popular perceptions', according to a video uploaded online by the artists.  Qinza Najm, in the video, says she had never worn a hijab before. 'So we bought one and I wore it for a week. On the second day, this man approached me and started yelling at me. "Go home you ******* Muslim, go home', she asserts.  According to BuzzFeed News, the two began the project 'a few months ago as a collaborative performance art piece at the Dumbo Art Festival in New York.' They told BuzzFeed News that through the project they wanted to “approach beauty from an angle that pertained to Islamophobia”. Part of the note along with the video reads, 'The hijab worn by choice is not repression, but liberation. It can be the most empowering piece of fabric a woman can choose to wear. When a woman covers herself this way, she can’t be judged on attractiveness, her jewellery or makeup. She isn’t ‘sized up’ and can’t be advertised to.' ( Image source: http://damnilookgood.net ) 'This very barrier is her superpower. With it, she is in complete control of her sexuality, and ultimately, that’s what makes her so beautiful. By snapping selfies, she makes a point that she is much more than her sexuality. This performance art piece is about tolerance over anything else. At the same time, it questions several issues: Islamophobia, over-sexualization of women in media, the duality of modernity and tradition and longing for self expression.' Watch the video here. Since the launch of the project, the #DamnILookGood seems to have touched the right chord with many. Women wearing hijabs are sharing selfies of themselves on social networking sites.  #damnilookgood with my husband. And he loves me they way I am. Stop stereotype women and the way should look. pic.twitter.com/NgmwEJ9lRa — sumaiya rabeya (@sumaiyarabeya) November 8, 2014 #DamnILookGood #hijab #americanbornandraised # pic.twitter.com/wAK2cMQJzc — Heather Abdullah (@HeatherAbdullah) November 9, 2014 If you could overdose on fabulosity, this #selfie could kill 😂😎#DamnILookGood #hijab #cuzzies pic.twitter.com/1uuyvq5TNo — DiaÙ†cé™ (@diandujour) November 8, 2014 #damnilookgood pic.twitter.com/PHm8NjPh6q — sumaiya rabeya (@sumaiyarabeya) November 8, 2014 #damnilookgood pic.twitter.com/3zt3KQc31Y — Lucy (@dba18) November 8, 2014 #damnilookgood pic.twitter.com/6Cl0tPTvV8 — Evan Wirth (@Goatsinboats) November 8, 2014 Many, those who may not be associated with the hijab, have also voiced their support for the project.  ( Image source: http://damnilookgood.net ) #DamnILookGood Amazing project. Amazing Cause. Koodoos!. We need mroe stuff like this to change the world. #change #freedom — Stephan H. (@IMStephan) November 7, 2014 #DamnILookGood http://t.co/1gMBtXVxvF The freedom of choice is empowerment, and accepting the choices of others is liberation. Love it! — A.M. Valenti (@AMValen) November 7, 2014 ( Image source: http://damnilookgood.net )
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