The 27-year-old CEO went into a lake located in a protected area to give his dogs a bath.

Crocodile bites off Bengaluru mans arm and he may now face trespassing charges
news Man Animal Conflict Monday, June 26, 2017 - 09:46

A Bengaluru resident who had been to Thattekere Lake in Ramnagar for a fun afternoon ended up being bitten by a crocodile. And that seems to have been just the beginning of his woes.

Mudit Dandwate, a 27-year-old CEO and resident of Indiranagar, was attacked by the crocodile after he entered the lake, located in a protected area. Thattekere Lake is located in the Bannerghatta forest area, off Anekal-Harohalli Road.

According to the Harohalli police, Mudit, an alumnus of IIT-Bombay and the founder of a private company in Bengaluru’s Doopanahalli, had gone for an outing with a female friend and his two dogs to the Thattekere forest area on Sunday morning.

The couple had parked their car near Kanive Mahadeshwara Temple, located a few metres away from the lake. While they were returning after the quick visit to the temple, they spotted the lake and decided to spend some time there.

Police said that the duo had not noticed the sign board, warning people of the presence of crocodiles in the lake.

“Mudit decided to give both his dogs a bath in the lake and went into the waters. All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out and attacked him. As the crocodile had got hold of his left arm, he managed to get free, and in this process ended up having his fore arm severed,” the Harohalli police said.

Mudit managed to run back to the lake bed. His friend immediately rushed him to HOSMAT Hospital, where he is undergoing treatment.

The forest department officials, however, suspect that the friends had the protected area for trekking. 

“Thattekere Lake is within a protected forest area. It has electric fencing and many signboards warning people about the presence of crocodiles. But this man clearly failed to notice the sign boards invited danger. We are thinking about booking them for trespassing and also under the provision of the Wildlife Protection Act,” a forest department official said.  

Dandwate, who is undergoing treatment at HOSMAT Hospital, will have to undergo surgery and will be given prosthetic arm after a few months.