“Yogi decided to own up to all the existing ‘good, bad and ugly’ during the process of reboot.”

Crime is whats being done to us and our families say Stayzilla founders relatives and friends
Atom Stayzilla Friday, March 24, 2017 - 12:52

There seems to be no end to the back and forth over Stayzilla Founder Yogendra Vasupal’s innocence.

In the most recent development, after Vasupal’s bail plea was rejected, Vasupal’s friends and family have put out a new blog post called ‘The game of Character Assassination’.

Claiming that Vasupal’s family is struggling with no sign of his release, the blog post contains ‘proof’ of Vasupal’s innocence.

Refuting claims that Vasupal and Sanchit Singhi were siphoning funds, the post says that salaries drawn by Vasupal and Singhi are relatively much lesser than the company’s department heads. Pictures reportedly of their salary slips were posted to support this claim.

The post also says that banks gave corporate credit cards only in the names of individuals, and not in the name of the company. “The same were taken in the name of promoters for an online biz like ours to make online purchases of tools and softwares,” it states.

There were several media reports claiming that the Stayzilla was siphoning company funds under Vasupal's father's name for personal use. The post claims this matter was picked up without verification.

“It is actually the monthly rental under a Rental Agreement for Yogi’s dad’s apartment that is Stayzilla’s registered office in R.A Puram, under Inasra Technologies since 2013 till date. This was not formalized in the initial years of occupation since 2007 but was done in 2013 after investments were received,” the post states.

There is a record for every transaction, the blog post says. It goes on to request everyone to verify facts, and claims that ‘proof will be provided’ to all concerned parties.

Clarification has been given with reference what started the fire – Stayzilla shutting down or rebooting operations. The post says that a shutdown of operation was a step taken in the best interest of Stayzilla employees, business partners and investors.

“As per standard operating procedure of most companies prior to a shut down, all board members resign and a new decision making board is put in place during shut downs. But Yogi decided to own up to all the existing ‘good, bad and ugly’ during the process of “reboot” and thus remained on the board,” the blogpost states.

Further clarifications were given saying that Vasupal was working on the reboot of operations. According to them, the company was in the process of collection from debtors and other pay offs.

“Company is still active. So criminalizing a person who was solely and earnestly working towards these closures has blocked the path for everyone else for Aditya’s selfish reasons. It is not only hurtful to Stayzilla’s existing partners but also demoralizing for entrepreneurs across.”

Vasupal’s friends and family members claim that the matter is a civil one, not criminal. “In fact, crime is what Aditya did to our families - life threat to our kids, rape threat and false brothel case and and we are still living in tremendous fear, anxiety & insecurity (sic),” the post adds.

However, Aditya continues to stand by his claim that he was cheated by Stayzilla. In a recent email statement by him, he criticized the lobbying by founders and industry bodies. He claims that most startups supporting Stayzilla do not have sustainable business models. He says that he will continue to fight.

The complete text of ‘The game of Character Assassination’ blogpost can be found here.

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