news Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 05:30
VS Achuthanandan, has time and again proved his mettle as the people’s leader and been the Communist Party of India (Marxist)'s endearing face in Kerala. Lately however things have gone sour between the leader and his party. His name being dropped from the party’s state committee list on Monday did not even come as a surprise to many. Amidst all the brouhaha over Achutanandan, a Malayalam newspaper reportedly claimed that the DYFI state secretary and young CPM leader M Swaraj had showered heaps of criticism on VS Achuthanadan during the party state committee meet. The next day posters came up across Chungathara in Malappuram criticizing Swaraj, questioning his credibility and how he was eligible to say anything against a veteran like Achutanandan. The posters reportedly say that a new leader like Swaraj has no right to criticize an old leader like VS Achuthanandan. Swaraj has however denied these reports and has claimes he never said anything against the leader. In a long Facebook post, he says that he never belittled VS Achutanandan. He also adds in the post that VS Achuthanandnan is a leader who was born during an era of sacrifice and courage. He also lashes out at the newspaper daily, who he says is purposefully trying to malign him, to make him look arrogant. "സി.പി.ഐ(എം) ന്റെ സംസ്ഥാനസമ്മേളനത്തിൽ ഇങ്ങനെ ഒരു പരാമർശമുണ്ടാകുമോ എന്ന് ചിന്തിക്കുവാനുള്ള പ്രാഥമികമായ ബോധമെങ്കിലുമുള്ളവർ ഇതൊക്കെ തള്ളിക്കളയുമെന്ന് ഉറപ്പാണ്." M Swaraj. Post by M Swaraj.
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