This happened when the woman and Obama were casting their votes in Chicago.

Cool Obama tells man he wasnt planning to kiss his girlfriend
Flix Obama Thursday, November 10, 2016 - 13:30

With President Trump becoming a reality, a lot of Americans are all the more distressed about Obama's time at the White House coming to an end.

For a while now, pictures and videos of Obama's "coolness" have been doing the rounds on the Internet. He's the baby whisperer, the chivalrous husband, the awkward dancer, the guy who lets a kid mess up his hair...and now, an old video of Obama has resurfaced in which he's seen casting his vote alongside an African-American woman. 

The woman's boyfriend, Mike, jocularly says, "Don't touch my girl." Obama responds with, "You know...I really wasn't planning on it."

Obama goes on to say that Mike had embarrassed him for no reason, and that he was mortified. The girlfriend is in splits, and obviously thrilled to be speaking to the POTUS. Obama ends the conversation by saying, "Give me a kiss and give him something to talk about." And just to be clear, he did not grab the woman - she consented to the kiss quite happily!

With the recently concluded Presidential elections in the US, this video has started doing the rounds again.


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