Complaint against Telugu TV anchor Jeevitha for alleged intimidation

Jeevitha, hosts a TV show 'Bathuku Jataka Bandi' on Zee Telugu.
Complaint against Telugu TV anchor Jeevitha for alleged intimidation
Complaint against Telugu TV anchor Jeevitha for alleged intimidation
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Telugu film actor Jeevitha, who hosts a TV show 'Bathuku Jataka Bandi' on Zee Telugu may be in trouble after a case was registered against her by the Hyderabad police.

The Hindu reported:

The Chilakalguda police of Hyderabad registered a case against her following a complaint lodged by an auto-rickshaw driver Konda alleging that she and her two personal assistants intimidated him to take part in her TV show. Police invoked Section 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code against the actor and her two P.As.

The report adds that Konda, married Jyothi in 2005 and reportedly started distancing himself after five years into the marriage. 

The complainant adds that he had a ‘panchayat’ with his wife in the presence of elders from both sides and they decided to get separated.

However, Jyothi reportedly approached the organizers of the show, who in turn asked Konda to participate in an episode.

According to the makers of the show

Bathuku Jataka Bandi has been successful in acting as a custodian in being a common platform for estranged couples or families to sort out conflicts and pull themselves together for communion with a purpose of leading a happy life ahead. Bathuku Jatka Bandi is socially responsive show where disturbed families are re-united with a course of dispute settlement and counseling.  

The makers added, "The empathetic actress Jeevita Rajasekhar is the host for this season's show where she brings people together and facilitates discussion between them. Also, advising on how one can overcome small issues by talking it out rather than ignoring the problem till it becomes a major issue."

However, the show has been criticized for sensationalizing family issues as the participants are seated on either side of the actress and often engage in shouting matches, with Jeevitha acting as the moderator.

The show also claims to have united more than 50 families.

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