From Fatima's to Koshy's, head over to these bakeries to get the best boozy, melt-in-your-mouth plum cakes.

Christmas indulgence Five Bluru bakeries that sell mouth-watering plum cakes(L) Koshy's: Atr hugo/Wiki Commons; (R) Fatima's: TNM photo
news Food Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 12:30

The holiday season is one to spend time with friends, family and loved ones. Arguably nothing brings loved ones together on holiday like food. And if you are in Bengaluru, the city has plenty to offer – right from curated holiday cuisine, to classic cakes and pastries to indulge in.

With Christmas finally here, one of the signature foods that Bengaluru has no shortage of, is the plum cake: the boozy, melt-in-your-mouth delicacy that has become a tradition for Bengalureans. Several nondescript bakeries located in the city have some of the most mouth-watering, crumbly and delicious cakes one can ask for. This Christmas, TNM brings you a list of the city's renowned plum-cake bakers.

Albert Bakery

Photo courtesy: WestCoastMusketeer/Wikimedia Commons

Started in 1921by Mohammed Suleman, Albert Bakery has mastered the plum cake with its 116-year legacy. Located on Mosque Road, the standalone outlet is a reminder of Old Bengaluru charm and an iconic haunt for those with a sweet tooth.

Not only is the bakery famous for its incredible plum cake, it is also a reminder of its famous khova naan. The family still owns the outlet and is currently run by Suleman's great-grandson Mohammed Faizan.

Thomson's Bakery

Photo courtesy: Zomato

This corner-shop bakery has been delivering on its promise of mouth-watering plum cakes every Christmas for over 50 years. Located in Cox Town, the dried plums are marinated in rum for over a month before the cake is actually baked in an old-fashioned wood-fire oven installed in 1962.

In December, Thomson's makes and sells about 5,000 kg of plum cake. The bakery is now run by two brothers - Abraham and George - and neither of them claim to be professional bakers. "It is a family recipe," they say. If you are looking for rum-soaked goodness in your cake, head to Thomson's.

Fatima Bakery

This 60-year-old eatery is a meat-lover’s delight. But Fatima's is also known for its plum cakes during Christmas. The recipe, which was tried and tested by the bakery's founder VP Francis, is popular among residents living in the Johnson Market and Richmond Town areas. If you like more plums and tutti-frutti in your cake, Fatima's is the place to go.

Thom's Bakery

Photo courtesy: Zomato

This list would be incomplete without a mention of Thom's Bakery. Located in the Frazder Town, Thom's is a favourite adda for foodies from across the city, especially on Christmas Day.

Thom's is often packed with customers lining up to buy their plum cake as it is one of the few bakeries which serves fresh cakes, even during the holiday rush. Thom's is also known for its savoury pastries, pies and samosas.


Photo courtesy: Atr hugo/Wikimedia Commons

Think old Bengaluru and one of the first places that come to mind is Koshy's. Once located on Brigade Road, Koshy's, started in 1953, is now known for its mouth-watering English Breakfasts.

However, this iconic restaurant also serves plum cakes with delicious rum-soaked raisins in them. Koshy's is also famous for its variety of Christmas cookies and pastries - so much so, that over the past decade, their plum cakes and cookies are sold throughout the year. 

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