news Monday, May 18, 2015 - 05:30
While reports of students writing pleas urging evaluators to pass them in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) exam is an annual affair, this year students in Karnataka have taken it a step further. Some of the answer scripts leaked are downright hilarious. For instance, picture a student writing a chicken recipe for a math question. The student wrote a page-long answer about how he relished the chicken prepared at home, while also mentioning about the ingredients required to make the "chicken sambar" and how to go about the process. In another incident, the student shared his woes as to why he had performed poorly in the math paper. “Our school lacked a math teacher. As a result, I was forced to shift to another school which was an English medium school. Coming from a Kannada medium school background, I could not understand what was being taught and requested the teacher to teach in Kannada. But the teacher did not heed to my request. I do not have a father. Please pass me, I’ll work very hard and take very good care of my family,” he wrote. Another student has threatened to practice black magic against the evaluator, a Times of India report said. Though evaluators are not allowed carry cell-phones, the clippings of the answer scripts are being shared on WhatsApp groups. That's cheating of course.
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