His death came as a shock to us,” said Abdul Razak, Imran’s uncle.

Chennais young heroes One gave his life and the other used his art to help the cityImage: Left - S Pranav, Right- J Imran/ Facebook.com
news Monday, December 14, 2015 - 22:01

On December 1, as the rains ravaged through Chennai, 19-year-old J Imran rose to the occasion and decided he will get out on the streets to help people. Son of a mineral water supplier, the Class 12 student was known to be socially responsible and help his father in his business after school. So as soon as he got the opportunity to step out, he went to nearby Kargil Nagar and supplied food and water to the needy for three days.

By the morning of December 11, Imran was dead. After tirelessly working for three days, Imran caught high fever on the night of December 4. He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was given an injection. When he fell unconscious, he was taken to Stanley Hospital on December 4 and on Saturday morning he breathed his last.

“The doctors at the Stanley Hospital told us that the reason for his death was reptile or insect biting on his leg. He did not complain about any pain or infection. His death came as a shock to us,” said Abdul Razak, Imran’s uncle.

“He was a very happy boy and was very respectful to all of us. Everyone just has good things to say about him,” said Razak.

J Imran’s father Zafar is proud of his son, “He has become world famous with what he has done and I’m very proud of him.”

If one son did his parents proud by risking his life for helping people, another young Chennai lad, 12-year-old S Pranav is using his talent in art to help people back into their lives.

Pranav started scribbling on his walls when he was 5-years-old. “We never stopped him from scribbling on the walls. Slowly, he began drawing and painting spontaneously. He has never been taught to draw or paint”, said Dr. Senthil Kumaran, Pranav’s father.

Last week, Pranav told his father that he wants to sell his artwork and contribute money towards flood relief. He immediately supported his son and encouraged him to go ahead with the idea.

“I am a really proud father that my son at such a young age has a social responsibility of contributing money towards the flood relief,” said Dr. Senthil.

“For the past two weeks, the school was closed so I started working on my paintings on Chennai floods and people affected by the floods. I also made paintings on popular landmarks which were badly-flooded,” said Pranav.

His art collection was titled “Art from the Heart” and about 45 paintings were exhibited at Crowne Plaza in Adyar on Sunday. “All the money that we got through the sale of the paintings will be given to ‘The Chennai Rising Initiative’ of The Hindu,” said Dr. Senthil, “My wife Dr. Sangeeta has always advised and guided him towards the right direction. I have always encouraged him but all the credit for whatever my son is doing now, goes to her.”

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