The restaurant's owner really likes Donald Trump and was very happy that he won the election.

This Chennai restaurant invented the White Dosa as a tribute to Donald Trump
news Trump Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 20:23

A restaurant in Chennai is celebrating the “tremendous victory” of Donald Trump in the recently concluded nerve-wracking US elections.

The Suprabaa restaurant at Valluvar Salai in Ramapuram, has introduced a special variety of dosa after the President-elect- the “White Dosa”.

According to Vinod, a manager at the restaurant, the owner CP Mukund Das really likes Donald Trump and was very happy that he won the election. 

Priced at Rs 65, this dosa has a number of food lovers eager to sample this new version.

“Every day, around 150 customers come to the hotel to eat this dosa,” Vinod, who works with Suprabaa says. 

“There are four layers in the dosa, but we cannot reveal the ingredients,” he adds. He however said that the ingredients used in this dosa are different from the ones used in other varieties. 

Served piping hot on a banana leaf, comes with accompaniments such as sambhar, chutneys and lots of butter.  

The dosa will be served at Suprabaa throughout this week.

Posters of the Donald Trump “White Dosa” have also been doing the rounds on social media. A post shared on Facebook stats, “Next time when Trump visits India I am sure he will get a call to serve the dosa in the dinner - I will not be surprised if he is called to White house in one of those India days”.

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