The murder reportedly took place 10 days ago and the cops managed to trace the family by sticking posters around the locality.

Chennai man murders son with mental health issues believed nobody will take care of him
news Crime Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 09:05

In a shocking incident, a man has confessed to murdering his 21-year-old son with mental health issues as he believed nobody will take care of him.

Nawazuddin, 49, a samosa seller from Ambedkar Nagar Second Street in Thiruvottiyur, confessed to the cops that the had taken his son Muhammad Hussain to the railway tracks and slit his throat as he felt nobody would take care of him, according to a report in The Times of India.

The murder reportedly took place on June 10, and the cops identified the body only after sticking posters of the boy in the area and asking local residents.

Police had initially believed it to be a train accident, but the post-mortem report confirmed that the boy's throat was slit.

Nawazuddin stated that he had taken his son for a walk on June 8 and then committed the murder. He returned home and told his wife Zarina and their neighbours that he had admitted Hussain to a care home in Coimbatore.

“He told us he was worried that there would be none to care for his son after his own death. He said that the young man had on many occasions turned violent and attacked them (Nawazuddin and his wife),” police said.

According to the family, their son had to be kept under constant watch as leaving him alone was a risk. Several neighbours in their locality too were clueless about the couple having a son.

The couple have a daughter who is married apart from the son.

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