Like changing times music also transformed Chithra
news Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 22:47
As times have changed, so has music, says six-time National Award winning singer K.S.Chithra.
"There is no point in classifying music as new generation or old. Just as changing times, the world of music has also undergone changes and transformation has taken place," Chithra told reporters here on Monday as part of meet the artiste programme organised by the Kerala Tourism department on Onam eve.
"We have to move with the tide. Good and bad are cyclical and we can hope for the good to come again," she added.
In the profession for three and a half decade now, Chithra is the darling of every music-loving Keralite. 
The 53-year-old singer by now has sung more than 25,000 songs and besides winning National Awards, she has won the state awards in all the four south Indian languages.
"I am not sure if I would recommend playback singing as a viable career choice now, because there are many singers around today. Sometimes they do not even get mentions in radio credits," added the singer.
On reality shows, she said there is "some gimmickry".
"But some of the emotions you see are very real. Everyone develops a bond over the course of the show and at times you are moved to tears when someone loses out," said Chithra.