Jayamani was angry at the sewage entering her house as well as the grease spilling over from the load van.

Caught on cam Chennai woman detained for pouring acid on neighbours plants load van
news Crime Tuesday, July 03, 2018 - 13:11

In a bizarre incident emerging from Mangadu in Chennai, a woman has been caught pouring cleaning acid on the plants and load van of her neighbour in the dead of the night.

Jayamani, a resident of Aishwarya Nagar in Gerugambakkam was reportedly angry at the grease emanating from her neighbour Marimuthu’s load van.

According to a report in the Times of India, Jayamani, 38, propped up a ladder on the shared wall between the two houses and climbed through 10 feet and then scaled a lowered partition just to pour the cleaning acid on the load van and the plants nearby.

According to the newspaper, Jayamani was at it every night for three months. Sensing something amiss, Marimuthu installed CCTV cameras to catch her in the act.

Speaking to ToI, a police officer said, “Jayamani would carry out her attack between midnight and 3 am when members of both families were asleep. Marimuthu followed our instructions and last weekend quietly installed CCTV cameras around his house without alerting his neighbours or friends.”

As per a report in The New Indian Express, which quotes a police source, Mariamman is a generator salesman.

“He would park load vans near the compound wall and sometimes the grease from the vehicles would fall on his neighbour’s house. This would often lead to verbal fights between the duo,” the source told TNIE.

Jayamani was detained and brought in for questioning on Sunday.

Even as she denied the charge, she was confronted with the CCTV footage.

Later, she acknowledged it and said she was angry at Marimuthu for dumping waste into her house.

No case has been registered yet, and police hope that the feuding neighbours will reach an agreement.

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