"All that CB-CID probe was a ruse. A show."

Is caste greater than a life asks Gokulrajs mother as his alleged killer Yuvraj gets bail
news Caste Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 19:25

“Our life has never been the same since that day, and will never be. What else can we say,” rues Kalaiselvan. He speaks in a low voice, tight with apprehension. The news of his brother’s alleged killer Yuvaraj being released on bail after six months in prison has him unfazed.

Kalaiselvan has been at the forefront of the struggle, and says he has witnessed protests, endless bureaucratic red tape and what he calls an abysmal CB-CID investigation. “I’ve seen it all, what else is left to see? A powerful, influential man walking out on bail? This was expected. Am I angry? No. I feel nothing.”

The inflection in his voice exhibits a numbness, a dispassion. His mother Chitra is a contrast. “They have let loose my son’s killer. Power, money, that’s what runs the show here. Is this the value of a life? Is our caste greater than a life?” she asks, frustrated for months on end.

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Ever since Yuvaraj’s surrender — almost an event of pride and jubilance with scores of his men for witness — life in Gokulraj’s family has been grey. “Did I feel justice was done when it happened? No. His men will always haunt us, even if he is behind bars.” Kalaiselvan and his mother are still in disbelief over a normal visit to the temple turning into a horrific and barbaric witchhunt for Gokulraj.  

"All that CB-CID probe was a ruse. A show. Justice is provided as per the state's convenience and snatched as per theirs as well," Kalaiselvan says. Chitra interjects, sobbing. "We have fought and fought. How much more to match their money and influence?" 

What was his crime, she asks, "If they want to punish him for his so-called crime, why isn't the law punishing Yuvaraj for his?"