Can automation and machine learning help companies make most out of digital marketing?

Hyd-based Optmyzr analyses data using machine learning to find patterns and help people make the most out of their digital marketing campaigns.
Can automation and machine learning help companies make most out of digital marketing?
Can automation and machine learning help companies make most out of digital marketing?
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When Geetanjali Tyagi was working with Google on the Ad Words team, she helped a large number of customers get better returns on digital marketing. Working here made her realise that a lot of the optimisation that is done manually could be automated.

A survey of marketing heads across the country shows that 87% brands today leverage digital marketing.  While it is increasingly being adopted, measuring ROI from digital marketing is one the biggest challenges faced. The survey results show that is still a lot of scope for improvement in result tracking and help leverage the digital medium more effectively for brands.

A few years after leaving Google, Geetanjali teamed up with her ex colleague Frederick Vallaeys from Google Ad Words and Manas Garg, who was a developer with Microsoft, to start a company ‘Optmyzr’ that helps businesses and ad agencies get most out of digital marketing without having to spend hours on trying to improve ROIs.

“We are an SaaS-based pure product company. We help people in the digital marketing space manage their campaigns better. These are mostly either companies that have their own digital marketing teams or agencies who manage a lot of different customers. They use our product to do things faster and much better,” Geetanjali says.

She adds that usually people pull a lot of reports and analyse it on Excel, which is a process that takes a couple of hours. Optmyzr does that automatically and reduces the time down to a few minutes.

Frederick Vallaeys, Manas Garg and Geetanjali Tyagi

Optmyzr has developed a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that does data analysis using machine learning to find patterns and gives people results as to what they can do to get better returns on investment from digital marketing. It helps companies understand what to focus on and what’s not working.

For example, it helps companies find new keywords and remove wasteful keywords. It has features that automate bids to help companies hit goals set for traffic, conversions, Cost per acquisition and return On Advertising Spend. It also helps with writing better performing ads and remove ads that aren’t driving results. Even in terms of display, it analyses your ads and helps them remove wasteful placements on the Google Display Network

Optmyzr also helps monitor the performance of Pay per click (PPC) accounts, get instant notifications when accounts need attention, and streamline reporting.

It works with platforms such as Google Ad Words and Bing that it connects to.

How it works

Once you sign up using Gmail or Facebook, Optmyzr asks you to link your ad words account to its system and then uses APIs to be able to access data for your account from ad words. The data then runs in different types of analysis to tell you what can be done better and lets you make those changes that can be applied on the Optmyzr’s platform itself.

Like any other SaaS company, Optmyzr runs on a subscription model, where customers pay every month to use the product.

Launched three years ago, Optmyzr is currently based out of startup engine T-Hub in Hyderabad and has over 800 clients across the globe, mostly in the US, South America, Europe and India.

“The kind of customers we have are a mix of small businesses, advertising agencies, individual consultants and companies spending tens of millions of dollars on digital marketing,” Geetanjali adds.

While there are other SaaS products that help with digital marketing, Geetanjali says that most of these platforms help companies with cross-platform marketing.

“What we focus on is optimising for performance. We will tell you what you should be doing better in ad words and on Bing to get good performance rather than just doing it across platforms,” she adds.

It has been seeing healthy growth and has a revenue run rate of $3 million a year, having turned profitable within the first year of operations.

Given the number of clients Optmyzr is handling at the moment, it is now looking to expand its team in Hyderabad and its office in Santiago, Chile. It is also looking to expand offices in Europe and California.

It is also expanding across platforms. It has a product for ad words, for Bing and is now developing a product for Facebook.

The ultimate goal for Optmyzr is to help companies win in search marketing with the best and the latest tools.

This article has been produced with inputs from T-Hub as a part of a partner program.

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