CAA-NRC protests: Thousands form human chain across Chennai and Bengaluru

On the death anniversary of Gandhi, protesters in south India came together in solidarity of non-violence and love.
CAA-NRC protests: Thousands form human chain across Chennai and Bengaluru
CAA-NRC protests: Thousands form human chain across Chennai and Bengaluru

Various organisations and citizens in Bengaluru and Chennai came together to form a human chain on the occasion of 72 years after Mahatma Gandhi’s death.

In Bengaluru, the chain extended across various locations in the city. They gathered at around 4.30 pm, and then began singing the national anthem at 5.17 pm, which is the exact time when Gandhi was assassinated.

There were groups of people standing in a chain of solidarity from Yeshwantpur in the North, to Koramangala in the South. The human chain was centred around the Gandhi statue at Mahatma Gandhi road, where protesters paid respects to the Gandhi statue after singing the national anthem.

Abhilash from Gram Sabha Sangh, a Gandhian organization who was part of the protest said, “We are celebrating that the citizens of India coming together for peace and harmony, which is exactly what Gandhi stood for. This is the moment to cherish: when women, children, and all citizens and common people are coming forward and spreading this message of Gandhi.”

Abhilash added that on the occasion of Gandhi’s death anniversary, “Gandhi has resurrected today. He is today on the roads of India, and we celebrate that.”

Protesters held posters against CAA and NRC, and held up images of Gandhi.

Vinay Sreenivas from the Alternative Law Forum (ALF) said, "We are here to condemn Gandhi's killers. We reject the politics of hate, we are here to spread the message of non-violence and love."

Vishesh Guru, an activist in Bengaluru said, “The protest was part of a national call by Hum Bharat ke Log and Joint Action Committee in Karnataka. It was very decentralised and spontaneous as many turned up for the protests without being activists, or being part of any movement.”

In Chennai, a 53-km human chain protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) was organised in Chennai, stretching from Theradi in Thiruvottiyur in the north of the city to Tambaram in the south. The protests saw hundreds of people from across the city gathered to form the chain between 4:30 to 5:30 pm. 

Along the Saidapet main bus stand in the city, thousands of gathered protesters who formed the chain by holding the national flag. 

Here are visuals from the protest. 

In Bengaluru

Protesters at the Gandhi statue, paying their respects.

In Chennai

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