Features Monday, July 20, 2015 - 05:30
  Boris Kanev and Marta Samalea, a Bulgarian couple, set out on a rather ambitious journey in the October of 2013. "We both wanted to reach the subcontinent overland, to take every step, and cross each border, to fill the map with pictures of real places, flavours and faces. An old map of Asia, invisible routes and more imagination than certainty set the travel plan in motion," wrote Samalea, according to a report by NDTV Gadgets. The duo spent the next 511 days walking, trekking and hitchhiking across Asia before they entered India via Myanmar. They even picked up Burma, a cat, on their way which is now accompanying them in their journey. Surprisingly, the duo aren't carrying a smartphone. Kanev told NDTV Gadgets that a netbook, a DSLR camera, and an ebook reader were all the gadgets they carried during their trip, aside from old Nokia phone "with an unreliable battery and a failing charger." All this while they have also maintained a blog, rovingsnails.com (the blog has exceeded its bandwith limit and they say they'll fix it soon), and post pictures from their journey every now and then.  Kanev and Samalea's story has gone viral and in a recent Facebook post, they wrote, "Thank you for all the sharing, and the loving messages, the invitations, suggestions, tips... our most sincere thanks to everyone who just came on board this roving caravan, and of course to those who walked along us for the past 22 months. We are overwhelmed by the sudden welcome to India. Who would have told us 5 months ago when we crossed the lonely border at Moreh." Here is a look at some of the photographs from their journey.                 All images source: Roving Snails/Facebook