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A brief guide for startups to stay on top of compliance this year
Atom Startups Thursday, April 27, 2017 - 12:41

Dealing with compliances can be a nightmarish experience. Trying to figure out what to comply with as a startup becomes even more difficult when you have to traverse through volumes of cryptic information and legalese jargon only to realize that you’ve missed half your deadlines. It doesn’t help that the regulatory bodies have infrequent communications and issue notices that fly under your radar always.

Another concern we come across often is that most early stage startups are unaware of all the acts and compliances that they fall under. So they simply fail to fill out all the legal documents in time. Also, the information is so difficult for the ordinary citizen to locate that it is almost impossible to blame startups for not knowing everything that they are supposed to comply with.

Raise the bar

The good folks at Numer are working around the clock to help simplify accounting workflows. As part of their journey, they plan to build out several tools that aim to make accounting and compliances easy (or at least easier than now) for everyone.

Keeping that in mind, we collaborated with the Numer team to release this compliance calendar for FY 17–18. It covers 11 different Acts in India and Karnataka, and is a great resource to help you stay on top of your compliance for the year.

In our first iteration of the compliance calendar, we have added some basic date-wise and month-wise filtering to make it easier for you to find the right compliance based on your startup’s domain and the current month in the financial calendar.

We’ve also added a simple share via email feature for you to be able to retrieve one particular excerpt from the calendar and share it with your Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary in a single click.

We’re constantly working to simplify all the accounting and company management workflows for startup founders. Our goal is to help the founders focus on their craft and cut through all this haze as quickly as possible. As a part of this plan, we’re going to release many such tools for free for anyone to use. Meanwhile, we’ll also be updating the compliance calendar with more detail from more acts, better filtering, and bookmarking features.

For now, we recommend bookmarking the page and checking back for newer updates. You’ll also have early access to every new tool that we build and release going forward.

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