If you could speak to your period, what would you ask?

Breaking taboos Regina Cassandra plays a womans period in Girl Power videoYouTube/Screenshot
Flix Menstruation Friday, April 27, 2018 - 11:13

Breaking the taboo around menstruation is no easy task. Although there is increasing conversation about it, we're still far from viewing it as a normal biological process.

Actor Regina Cassandra has now lent her voice to the cause. In a video done in Telugu by Girl Formula, a YouTube channel, Regina appears as a woman's period. Yes, that is her character! If you had a chance to ask your period some serious questions, what would they be? That's the premise of the video and the two women casually break many a taboo as they speak.

The period is often dreaded by girls and women because it means mood swings, body pain, and having to toe the line when it comes to customs and practices at home. To make it worse, in the video, "the period" (Regina) arrives right on time for the young woman's (Divya) birthday. This upsets her plans to go to the temple with her family and a movie with her boyfriend later in the day.

In the conversation that the two of them have, questions are raised on the hush-hush way in which everyone talks about periods, including companies that sell sanitary napkins. There is also a reference to the Kathua rape incident, where a child was raped inside a temple. This point is made by Regina when the young woman asks her if it's okay to go to the temple when she is on her period. However, Regina ends by telling her that if she really does not want to go and believes in such sentiments, she can choose to stay back and take rest.

The light-hearted tone of the video and its largely non-judgmental content has appealed to most viewers.




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