BJP candidate VK Shyju won in Pallikunnu division by securing 845 votes, followed by UDF and LDF.

A blue and white board outside Kannur municipal corporation Image courtesy: Kudumbashree
news Kerala local body polls 2020 Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - 18:53

The National Democratic Alliance (NDA), led by BJP, made history by winning one seat in the Kannur Municipal Corporation in the 2020 Kerala local body elections. BJP candidate VK Shyju won from Pallikkunnu division, which falls under Kannur corporation. He secured 845 votes, a majority compared to other candidates. UDF candidate T Jayakrishnan came second with LDF came third.

The Kannur Corporation is the latest Municipal corporation to be formed in Kerala. It was created five years ago in 2015. During the 2015 local body elections, the NDA did not secure a win. Following that, the party has been able to gain considerable ground in the region, helping it win one seat in 2020.  

UDF candidate T Jayakrishnan came second with 609 votes, and LDF candidate Umesh came third. 

“The BJP enjoys considerable support in the region and therefore it was expected that the NDA candidate would finish second. However, the win was not expected,” a senior political correspondent based in the district told TNM.

The NDA also offered a strong competition in other wards of the district. In Kannur Corporation's Temple ward, NDA candidate Susheel K finished second with 646 votes while UDF candidate MP Rajesh won with 895 votes.  

In the Thalassery Municipality (Kannur), the NDA won eight seats this year, securing three seats more than it did in 2015. In the Taliparamba Municipality, the BJP won three seats. The NDA also secured three seats in the Iritty Municipality.