CID obtained Bheema Nayak's call records, in which they found that Nayak had made calls to the gunman Chennabasavappa Hosamane.

BJP MP Sriramulus gunman held in Bheema Nayaks drivers death casePTI
news Crime Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 13:31

Officers of the Karnataka CID have detained BJP MP Sriramulu's gunman in connection with the death of KAS officer Bheema Nayak's driver Ramesh Gowda two days ago, after issuing a notice, according to media reports.

The agency officials have detained gunman Chennabasappa Hosamae from Bellary after obtaining Nayak's call records, in which they found that Nayak had made calls to Chennabasavappa.

The CID is probing allegations in Ramesh Gowda's suicide note, which claims that Bheema Nayak had agreed to pay Rs 25 crore to BJP MP Sriramulu for a ticket to the Hagaribommanahalli constituency in the 2018 Assembly elections. 

Ramesh Gowda's suicide note also claimed that Sriramulu and Bheema Nayak knew each other since 2007, when Nayak was the Tahsildar of Bellary.

When the case had just made headlines, Sriramulu had claimed that his relationship with Bheema Nayak was an official one during Nayak's tenure as a Tahsildar and had strngly opposed any suggestion that they were friends. 

In addition, the agency is also probing Ramesh Gowda's claim that Nayak helped mining baron Gali Janardhana Reddy convert black money to white for his daughter's grand wedding, the reports said.

Karnataka bureaucrat Bheema Nayak, was arrested from Kalburgi on December 11 and this is the latest detainment in the case

Bheema Nayak – a KAS officer with the land acquisition department- had been absconding ever since Ramesh Gowda was found dead in a lodge in Maddur on December 7. In his suicide note, Ramesh alleged that he was being threatened and harassed because he knew details about mining baron Gali Janardhana Reddy’s black money dealings.
Ramesh's suicide note claimed that he knew about dealings between Janardhana Reddy and BJP MP Sriramulu, including about Bheema Nayak converting Rs 100 crore in demonetised notes into fresh currency. It also claimed that Bheema Nayak had allegedly received a 20% cut for helping to convert the money, and gave details of Bheema Nayak’s undisclosed wealth.