She is the fifth contestant to be eliminated from the show.

Samyuktha Karthik, the fifth eliminated contestant of 'Bigg Boss' Tamil 4Digital Native
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As the Tamil reality show Bigg Boss season 4 enters its ninth week, Samyuktha Karthik was the fifth contestant to be evicted from the show, in the latest episode. Samyuktha, a model, is known for being crowned Miss Chennai 2007, as well as her acting career in a couple of television series. Before her eviction from Bigg Boss, she was criticised for not taking part in the challenges, and was addressed as a ‘showcase doll’.

In the eighth week of the show, similar to the ‘eviction-free’ concept, a method called ‘nomination topple’ was introduced. Through this, contestants nominated for eviction can escape their own nomination, and instead nominate another contestant to be evicted. Aari, Anitha, Balaji, Nisha, Ramesh, Sanam and Somashekar were asked to participate in this task last week. Anitha won the topple and saved herself, but instead nominated Samyuktha for eviction. On Saturday’s episode, Aari and Balaji were saved by Somashekar; Sanam and Nisha escaped eviction from Sunday. This left Samyuktha and Ramesh still in the danger zone, and finally, Samyuktha was eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 4.

A new ‘Bigg Boss Call Centre’ task was introduced this season. For this, housemates were divided into separate groups, with some housemates acting as callers and venting or clarifying their baggage or doubts. There was a heated such call recently between Archana and Bala, where Archana expressed that love is her strategy, in a dramatic way.

During the recent weekend episode, Kamal Haasan, the host of Bigg Boss Tamil, addressed the most pressing issue in the house—groupism. Rio and Bala are said to be on opposite sides, and Bala said that Rio, Archana, Som, Nisha and Ramesh are a group. According to him, they team up to nominate other contestants, but never find the flaws within their own group. Rio and Gaby countered Bala with the same accusation, saying Samyuktha and Shivani always support him. Bala clarified that he never influenced them with his ideas, but accused Archana and others of influencing others’ decisions.

When Aari said he sacrificed his winning chance for Rio in the captaincy task, Bala accused Aari of stealing Rio’s credit. Kamal Haasan, the host, accepted the argument but refused to compare Aari’s action to that of what Bala did for Som. Kamal also criticized Samyuktha’s words used on the show, like calling Sanam “dirty” and attacking Aari with tongue-in-cheek expressions. These actions did not help Samyuktha during her nomination.

Meanwhile, Ramya appears to be neutral, but seems to support Bala, Ajeedh and Shivani. Rio’s captaincy was criticised during the episode for his extreme reactions. Bala, Samyuktha, Ramya, Shivani and Sanam had complaints about Rio, like showing favouritism towards his friends, poor decision-making and sarcasm, and expressed their disappointment with him.  

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