All that people connected with the show are ready to say is that Oviya is being well attended to.

Bigg Boss shocker Has popular contestant Oviya left the reality TV show
Flix Bigg Boss Friday, August 04, 2017 - 23:05

Has Bigg Boss contestant Oviya walked out of the show? That's the big question plaguing lakhs of viewers glued to the TV sets.

The starlet who rose to unimaginable levels of popularity through the Vijay TV reality show, was nominated several times to be thrown out of the house but was saved by the public each time.

A source who did not wish to be named told TNM that Oviya left the Bigg Boss studio on Friday evening, but Vijay Television is not giving an official confirmation.

"I am not an official spokesperson, but I am a consultant Legal Advisor for the show. All that I can tell you is that there are issues and Oviya is getting the attention she deserves," C Rajasekharan, an advocate in the Madras High Court told TNM.

So has she left the show? He was not willing to confirm.

Bigg Boss is a show that has often been accused of staging confrontations and walk outs. Even if Oviya left, it is unclear if she would be back.

The Friday's show had emotional and disturbing scenes, which are already being criticised widely. Friday's episode saw Oviya constantly swaying between happy, confused and sad. Towards the latter half of the show, she began to claim 'something is wrong with my mind' and that she would like to see a doctor.

She even jumped into a pool within the living quarters and had to be removed by the other contestants.  Finally she was informed that the 'manager' will arrive in 45 minutes and that she can leave the show.

The last week has seen the usually composed Oviya behave erratically. Known for her devil-may-care attitude, Oviya became attached to Arav, another contestant, and made several romantic overtures to him though he said that he wasn't comfortable with it. Oviya as well as a few other inmates in the house believe that Arav led her on and later isolated her suddenly. 

Oviya has professed her love for him a few times on the show and has also tried to get physically close to him. Earlier, Oviya had told host Kamal Haasan that she's 'bipolar' - a comment that has led to much speculation among viewers, considering her subsequent behaviour.

Oviya's popularity among viewers has been a source of annoyance for all the other contestants on the show and even though there have been instances when they've realised that they'd misjudged her actions, most of them have continued to cold-shoulder her. Arav was one of the few who supported her and it is likely that the change in his attitude has upset Oviya too much to continue on the show.

Many insist that the show is scripted and that Oviya might have walked out because she'd have never been sent out by the public and this might make the show boring and predictable. Many entertainment websites had predicted a walk-out last week.

Who is Oviya?

A small-time actor best know for her film Kalavani, Oviya is a Bigg Boss Tamil contestant who has a massive fan following. Known for her positive attitude, fans love Oviya, and have named themselves 'Oviya Army' in support of her. She has been on the verge of elimination several times over the past weeks, but was saved every time with public support. In the latest instance, she was saved when it was revealed that another contestant on the show, Julie, had spread false rumours about her.

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