With BevQ alcohol app yet to be cleared by Google, Malayalees get high on memes

The BevQ app is yet to get the nod from Google and this has delayed the launch.
With BevQ alcohol app yet to be cleared by Google, Malayalees get high on memes
With BevQ alcohol app yet to be cleared by Google, Malayalees get high on memes
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Kerala's alcohol lovers are about to booze it...sorry, lose it. The state, which has one of the highest per capita liquor consumption rates in the country, has gone two months without alcohol.

Needless to say, when the state government announced that Bevco or the Kerala State Beverage Corporation would launch an app which will allow purchase of liquor through a virtual booking system, the news gave alcohol lovers their high. However, a week has gone by and the app named BevQ is yet to get the nod from Google. 

The delay in the app’s launch on the Google Playstore has now triggered a hilarious meme fest on social media. We picked out some of the best ones for you:

An iconic scene from the Mohanlal-Revathy- Jagathy starrer Kilukkim (1991), where an exhausted and upset Revathy returns to Mohanlal’s house in Ooty after being abandoned by him in the hills. She pretends to be a mentally unstable woman in the film and Mohanlal tries to get rid of her. The meme says, "App also did not come, Koppu (garbage) also did not come." 

Here we see actor Indrans (BevQ app) ask, “Would you mind rating us on the app store, to which actor Janardhanan (aka the drinker) responds “Will do. Now whatever you ask, I will do”.

The original scene of this meme is from the Mohanlal-Sreenivasan starrer Nadodikattu, in which Thilakan plays the villain. His "Oh my god!" exclamation from the film has attained legendary status.

This meme starts off with the words “BevQ app will get delayed, it has not got Google approval.” 

In the second panel, actor Johny says to Thilakan (Google Chief), “Sir, some people have assembled outside and are cursing us." To this, the 'Google Chief' responds with shock, “Oh my god, must be Malayalees.” 

This meme is also from Kilukkam. The visual has Thilakan asking Mohanlal with a stern expression “How much money will it cost to buy a smartphone?”, to which Mohanlal replies “You sly guy” with a chuckle, suggesting that Thilakan wants a phone to buy alcohol.

Midhunam had Mohanlal playing a man who's struggling to get his biscuit factory going. In this scene, he's trying to get officials to grant approval for his factory, even as his brother-in-law, played by Innocent, adopts an aggressive stance and suggests slapping the officials to make them come around. This meme begins with a panel saying, “News of app not receiving Google play store approval”. The fussy officials are Google Play Store and they are saying,“We are not able to see if the app is secure."

The second panel has Innocent saying, “Give him a slap on the face and show him the mirror, then he will see if it is secure.” 

This meme hits the mark with one famous line from the Mohanlal film His Highness Abdullah. It begins with the announcement  - "App is not fully operational yet, alcohol sale to get delayed," to which a shocked Nedumudi Venu responds - 'Could you not have killed me instead?" In the film, Mohanlal plays an assassin who disguises himself to bide his time till he can kill Nedumudi Venu. However, the latter grows fond of the former and is shocked by the betrayal when it is revealed to him. 



The Tovino-Aishwarya Lekshmi starrer Maayanadhi is one of the most celebrated Malayalam romantic films of recent times. The above meme portrays Tovino as the drinker “who is searching every other minute to check if the beverages app has been launched”. Aishwarya is the exhausted Google Play Store which says, “My dear, give me a little peace.” In the film, Tovino, a criminal on the run, keeps trying to persuade Aishwarya to leave with him but she refuses.

According to the latest update, Google has sent a list of questions to the app's developer,s Fairfield Technologies Private, Ltd regarding its security aspects. Once the explanation provided by Fairfield is deemed satisfactory, Google will clear the app and subsequently launch it on Play Store.

Until then, may the memes continue. Cheers!

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