The Mesuit case has a 1700mAh battery that can provide additional battery life to the iPhone docked to it.

Best of both worlds Mesuit smart iPhone case with Android dual sim launched in India
Atom Tech Shorts Tuesday, August 08, 2017 - 10:31
Written by  S. Mahadevan

The market never stops surprising you. The new product being discussed here has at least three things out of the ordinary: a phone case acts like a phone itself with a SIM slot and a battery and storage; it enables an iPhone user to enjoy some of the Android features on their phone and finally, it has not been launched by any phone manufacturer, but by an ecommerce website. These are interesting times indeed.  

It called the Jijia’s Mesuit and it’s an iPhone case. Currently, it is only compatible with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.

In terms of specifications, the Mesuit case has a 1700mAh battery that can provide additional working time for the iPhone docked to it; there is a dual standby type SIM slot and has 16GB internal storage facility.

There is also the dedicated operating system called the Android based Mesuit OS 1.0 which runs all the Android based activities on your iPhone. And one has to download the Mesuit app and install for the integration to take place. In addition, an Apus Launcher is also part of this innovative ecosystem.

The real benefits for the user include enjoying the best of both worlds; an iPhone without missing on the Android experience. You can access the Android Play Store and download compatible applications. Similarly, you can have two WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram accounts on one device.    

In terms of size, the Mesuit case measures 160.5x70x5.5mm. This means your phone will look longer once you fix the case and you will have to compromise with this in exchange for the advantages as described above. You can probably avoid having a separate phone altogether.

The Mesuit case is being sold exclusively through and can be purchased by Indian buyers also on this site for Rs 9, 990.