The constable had a history of public assault and had been warned several times

news Friday, June 10, 2016 - 10:30

A teenaged boy in Yeshwanthpur on the outskirts of Bengaluru was beaten by a police constable after he accidentally bumped into him while riding a cycle.

The incident happened a few days ago, when 13-year-old Ashwath Gahan, a resident of BK Nagar, was on his way to pay the electricity bill.

After he bumped into the constable, the constable allegedly caught hold of the boy and banged his head against the handlebars of the cycle.

The victim suffered three broken teeth besides injuring his jaw and lips, reported Bangalore Mirror.

The victim narrated the incident to his mother, Nageshwari when he returned home. The boy’s mother later confronted the constable identified as K Venkatesh, who works in Yeshwanthpur police station. The constable, however, denied the incident and refused to apologise.

Sources said Venkatesh had a history of public assault, and that he had also been warned several times, reported BM.

Nageshwari filed a complaint at Yeshwanthpur police station under section 325 of IPC, punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt.

Officials at the station claim that the accused has been at large for a couple of days.

A senior police official said, “The boy was taken to KC General Hospital for treatment, but was referred to a private hospital since two of his front teeth had shattered completely, and another was partially broken. He was administered painkillers and medicines for the swollen cheeks and lips, and a dentist put a cap on one of his teeth for Rs 10,000. He has been told to visit the hospital regularly for the next one month and then get a cap for the other tooth. He is able to speak properly, but can only chew food at the side of his mouth. The boy's father is a coolie and the family is not well-to-do, so this has burnt a big hole in their pocket. Relatives of the constable visited the boy's family saying they would pay for the expenses, but have not done so till now.”