The techie was drunk and had gone out to the balcony for some fresh air.

Bengaluru techie trips on electric wire falls to death from 3rd floor
news Friday, June 23, 2017 - 10:15

In an unfortunate turn of events, a 31-year-old Bengaluru techie fell to his death from the third floor of a residential building after tripping over an electric wire.

The incident occurred on Wednesday night at a building in Yeshvanthpur’s Mattikere, located in the city’s outskirts, The New Indian Express reported.

The deceased techie, Vidhyashankar Mishra’s brother, told the Yeshwanthpur Police that his brother tripped over an electric wire and fell over the wall of his balcony.

Vidyashankar Mishra, a native of UP, was working in Whitefield’s ITPL and living with his younger brother Yogish, who also works in a private company in Bengaluru. 

“According to the deceased Vidhyashankar’s brother, Yogish, the two brothers had been drinking till late night and were having dinner around 1.30 am. While they were eating, Vidyashankar went to the balcony of the apartment to get some air,” Yeshwanthpur police said.

As he was tipsy, Vidyashankar tripped on an electric wire and fell over the third-floor balcony.

After Yogish finished his meal, he went to look for Vidhyasagar as he had not yet returned to finish his meal. 

“Yogish went down to look for his brother and found his brother lying in a pool of blood. Vidhyasagar was unmarried and had been living in the building for four years. The house owner’s statement has been recorded about the safety measures taken in the building,” the police added.

A case of unnatural death has been filed at the Yeshwanthpur Police Station.