Bengaluru’s Railway Protection Force rescues missing child from train

The child, who was found sleeping in a coach at the Yeshwanthpur station, was rescued 30 minutes after she was reported missing.
Rail station
Rail station
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After receiving information that a child was left behind in a train by her parents, the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Bengaluru on Thursday swiftly went into action and rescued the child within half an hour. South Western Railway officials on Thursday said that one Sangappa was travelling in the Bidar-Yeshwanthpur Express along with his wife and five children. When the family alighted from the train at Rajanukunte (in the outskirts of Bengaluru) around 7 am, they realized that their daughter, who was sleeping on the train, had been left behind.

The parents immediately alerted the on-duty Station Master at Rajanukunte about the missing child. Following this, the Station Master sent a message to the security control without delay, who in turn intimated all the RPF posts about the missing child. The RPF stationed at the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station formed a search party; as the train arrived at Yeshwanthpur at 7:30am, the party searched the entire train and finally found the child sleeping in one of the coaches. The child was reportedly brought to the RPF post at the Yeshwanthpur Railway Station and handed over to her parents, after following verification procedures and counselling of the parents.

The RPF’s swift action brought the ordeal to an end in 30 minutes.

Debashmita C Banerjee, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner of the South Western Railways told TNM, “Time is key in search and rescue, as the longer it takes, there is a scope for many more events to occur making it difficult to reach the child. Luckily in this case the child was asleep and the rescue was over within 30 minutes. If not, the child could have wandered away."

"SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of child rescue is a child-friendly environment where there is always a lady officer who talks to the child... If the parents receive the child, we see identification that they are the guardian and also take an acknowledgement before handing over the child," she added.

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