news Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 05:30
Written by  Benita Chacko
Pecos, the popular pub, in Bengaluru has put a banner outside their new outlet in Church Street saying, “For God’s sake finish the work and end our misery”. They say the Tender Sure work outside their pub is causing huge losses to the business. “The road work has been on for the last two months, while the engineer had told us it will be over in 15 days. It has brought our turnover down to 10%,” said Pradosh D, the General Manager of Pecos Pubs Pvt. Ltd. According to Pecos, the work which is showing no signs of coming to an end, has caused them problems for parking and maintenance as currently they do not have space for two wheeler parking in front of the pub. Moreover they have had to employ two people to clean the place every couple of hours as the road work generates a lot of dust. Pradosh says, “Of our four outlets in the city, this is the recent one and we are struggling to do business here. If this continues for a few more months we will have to shut the outlet.” He further says that KC Das, the sweet shop on the ground floor of the same building, also has seen a drop in their sales in the last few months. But as they are an established business outlet in the area, they do not have as much difficulty as Pecos does.