The maximum temperature on Sunday was recorded between 2:30 pm and 4 pm.

news Monday, April 25, 2016 - 08:11

With rising mercury levels skyrocketing in Karnataka, Bengaluru on Sunday recorded a staggering 39.2 degrees Celsius temperature, beating an 85-year-old record.

According to Skymet Weather, the previous highest maximum temperature was 38.3 degrees Celsius on April 30, 1931.

The maximum temperature on Sunday was recorded between 2:30 pm and 4 pm.

The high mercury levels are bound to stick around for a few days until Bengaluru receives rains, reports Deccan Herald.

Director of Indian Meteorological Department, Bengaluru, Geeta Agnihotri said that Sunday’s temperature was an all-time high.

On April 21 and 22, Kempegowda International Airport recorded 38.2 degrees.

“This heatwave is prevailing not only in Bengaluru and Karnataka but also in parts like Odisha and Jharkhand,’’ Geeta said. 

“This is because of scanty pre-monsoon showers. Normally, winds bring moisture from anti-cyclones which occur in the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The westerly winds are dry and hot. Apart from this, local factors like increasing concretisation, pollution and population are worsening the condition,”Geeta added.

April generally sees at least two moderate showers in the city, reported TOI. “But this year it hasn't rained yet. Otherwise, by the end of April, Bengaluru alone receives two to three centimetres of rainfall,” said an IMD official.

This is an aggregated report from Skymet Weather, Deccan Herald and The Times of India


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