news Wednesday, May 27, 2015 - 05:30
  Results of the lie detector test taken by the driver of the Kerala whistleblower in the bar bribery scam have been leaked to the media.   According to the report released on Tuesday, Biju Ramesh’s driver Ambili managed to clear the test and answer 13 out of the 15 questions posed to him by the Kerala vigilance team.   Ambili said that he had seen D Rajkumar Unni, another bar owner whom he was driving that day, give money in a cover to Mani at his residence.   It supports his earlier testimony on April 28 to the vigilance department where he said he clearly saw Rajkumar Unni handing over Rs 35 lakh.   Following this revelation, Ambili was made to undergo a lie detector test on May 18, a week after which part of the result was leaked to the media.   Ambili’s statement might aid the investigating officers in making some headway against Mani as per the Supreme Court May 2005 decision which states that while the results of a lie detector test cannot be considered as evidence, it can be used to further probe the case.   Biju, who is the working president of the Kerala Hotel and Bar Association, had previously given a statement saying that that bribe had been paid to three Congress ministers, including K Babu.   He alleged that the excise minister took a bribe of Rs 10 crore to bring down the amount for renewing bar licenses from Rs 30 to 23 lakh.    Out of the 305 statements recorded by the department, more than 250 come from bar owners who claim that they have paid bribes at various points of time to state-level office bearers.   Also read: Sunanda Pushkar case: Are lie detector tests actually a reflection of the truth?