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The News Minute| August 22, 2104| 8.00 am IST

Last Friday, the Bangalore police detained Kothiraj known as India’s own spider man for trying to scale the wall of a building without permission. Kothiraj is known for climbing without any gear, has scaled even the Chitradurga fort and aims to scale the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

Even as Kothiraj’s adventure was cut off by the Bangalore police, unknown to them James Kingston a British professional free-runner climbed a 325 foot crane in the city. Unharnessed, Kingston dangled one handed from the crane, capturing the sights of Bangalore below.

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New York Times reports that ‘the 23-year-old daredevil, who’s previously been arrested for his death defying antics across the world, said he snuck through a hole in the fence at night to gain access.’ Kingston has filmed himself climbing the crane, walking on and dangling from it. On a video posted on August 19- Kingston's show called 'On the Edge' describes the stunt like this- 'After accessing the construction site via wall jumps, he begins to scale the dirt-covered crane with seemingly effortless ease. James' climb wouldn't be complete without a daring, one-handed dangle over the city, with Bangalore's early morning traffic bustling below'. (Video at end of story)


From the visuals posted by Epic TV of Kingston’s dangling act, we think he was at a five star hotel construction in the city and one can spot the Gurudwara near Ulsoor lake in the visuals.

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