"Balochi, Bharathi, Bhai, Bhai," was one of the slogans chanted at the protest.

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news Pakistan Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 10:51
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Arul Louis

Balochis and Indians held protests against Pakistan on Wednesday across the street from the UN office in New York city.

Anti-Pakistan NGO, American Friends of Balochistan protested over the repression in the Pakistani province and pleaded for UN intervention to protect the Balochis. About 40 people participated in the demonstration held behind steel barricades in the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.

Ahmad Mushtikhan of the American Friends of Balochistan said, "We are happy that (Indian) Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken out on Balochistan. Our people are overjoyed by the support of the Indian people."

Later some of them joined a protest by the Indian American Community, where slogans were shouted and placards raised in support of the Balochistan people.

"Balochi, Bharathi, Bhai, Bhai," was one of the slogans chanted at the protest.

The Indian protest was held long after Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had spoken because of a change in the premier's speaking schedule. He was originally to have been one of the last speakers of the day, but his slot was moved to a morning slot.

The Indian protest with about 75 people was against Islamabad-backed terrorist attacks on India and the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Kashmir.

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