Though the police found that the musician's friend had been involved in two other cases, they have denied any connection.

Balabhaskars death case in limbo forensic test results still not out
news Balabhaskar death Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 18:39

In a new development to singer-violinist Balabhaskar’s death, police have found out that Arjun, the late musician’s friend who was allegedly driving the car on the day of the accident, is an accused in two cases. Both cases involve attempts to rob ATMs by groups of men in Ottapalam and Cheruthuruthi respectively.

“He has been accused in two cases, both attempts to commit ATM theft. One is registered in (Ottapalam) Palakkad and the other one in (Cheruthuruthi) Thrissur,” Attingal DYSP Anil Kumar told TNM.  However, the police also stated that the cases where Arjun was accused has no connection to the accident.

In a separate case, Balabhaskar’s father had submitted a complaint with the Chief of police expressing doubts about Balabhaskar’s financial transactions. However, the police have also ruled out foul play in financial transactions in the case involving Balabhaskar’s deaths.

Meanwhile, the forensic results have not yet come.

“We are still awaiting confirmation who was behind the wheel. Forensic experts have taken samples and are yet to give a conclusive answer on who drove the car during the accident,” Attingal DYSP told TNM.

On September 25, 2018 Balabhaskar, his wife Lakshmi and 2-year-old daughter Thejaswini along with friend Arjun were traveling from Thrissur to Thiruvananthapuram, when their car hit a tree at Pallipuram near the state capital. While Balabhaskar and Lakshmi were admitted to the hospital with serious injuries, their daughter passed away on the spot. On October 2, a week after battling for his life, the violinist passed away following a cardiac arrest.

Following preliminary inquiries into the incident, the police found discrepancies in the statements given by wife Lakshmi and Arjun - both of whom survived the accident. While Lakshmi stated that Arjun was driving the car during the time of the accident, the Arjun contradicted her stating that it was Balabhaskar himself who was behind the wheel when the car hit the tree.