The line, which is from the film 'Man on Fire' is doing the rounds on social media

That awesome Putin quote on sending ISIS to God Its from a Denzel Washington movieImage: Russian Presidential Press and Information Office
Flix Social Media Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 12:37

American broadcaster Fox News is at it again. The TV channel attributed a line from a Denzel Washington movie to Russian President Vladmir Putin.

A report in The Huffington post adds:

A Fox journalist wrongly claimed that Putin had said of IS militants: "To forgive the terrorists is up to God but to send them to him is up to me." In bitter unintended irony, the reporter wrote of the falsely attributed statement: "I love these quotes from him. They’re both awesome and hysterical. He’s a world leader who is really a movie character..." 

The line, which is from the film 'Man on Fire', soon started doing the rounds on social media with people extensively sharing it on Twitter and Facebook. 

The original source of the quote was from a Russia Today news anchor, Remi Maalouf's tweet.

The tweet has been deleted and Maalouf has apologized for it. Fox news has also updated their copy since.