news Sunday, August 31, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute | August 31, 2014 | 10.29 am IST Most protests are generally held in front of some building representative of the government being targeted for the protest. But in Mangalore, the local activist groups have given this up for the house of a minister in the Karnataka government, as he is known to serve people food.  This is the joke doing the rounds on Facebook, after a well-known activist from the region put up this Facebook status message: “Henceforth, no protests in Mangalore will be held in front of the office of the Deputy Commissioner or the Mangalore City Corporation. Instead, all organizations have decided to hold their respective protests in front of Minister U T Khader’s house. “Reason: The autorickshaw drivers who staged a protest in front of Khader’s house were served sheera, uppitttu, ambade, and malt.” Minister for Health and Family Welfare U T Khader hails from the Ullal region of Mangalore and was elected to the state Assembly from the Ullal constituency. He is known to be a shrewd politician. So imagine the pleasant surprise of the autorickshaw drivers who staged a protest in front of his house recently, when after submitting a memorandum listing their demands, they were given a rather simple, but filling meal. Protesters queuing up outside Khader’s house for a meal after they protested, reported in regional daily Karavali Ale An autorickshaw driver had been recently killed. The man was not known to have any enemies and the rickshaw drivers were demanding that the government provide some compensation to the destitute family of the man. This was covered by a regional newspaper. It has been five days since the autorickshaw drivers met the minister, and there has been no move on the compensation front. Whether or not the destitute family of the man gets any compensation, a shrewd politician has definitely got himself some goodwill.
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