Vijay was coerced to sing praises of Amma to get his film Theri released

Are Vijay fans supporting DMK because he was ignored by AIADMK
Flix Saturday, May 07, 2016 - 08:28

Ilayathalapathy Vijay has decided not to take sides openly in the upcoming Tamil Nadu election polls. Despite his neutral stance on the elections, sections of his mammoth fan base have decided to pledge their allegiance to the DMK. Times of India reports that his fan base from across the state has received oral instructions from the state president, Anand, to extend their support to the DMK in the assembly elections.

There are also reports that the fan club heads allegedly met Vijay and told him that under the stifling AIADMK regime, their idol had endured much agony. Vijay was coerced to sing praises of Amma to get his film released. Theri managed to evade the censor board as the film was produced by Thanu, an AIADMK loyalist. However, even in the Theri case, civic authorities harassed the fans by selling the tickets beyond the capped price. Later, after Thanu intervened, the chaos subsided.

There are also reports that a meeting between the fan clubs’ head and Stalin took place in Coimbatore where the actor continued to hold his peace and urged his followers to vote by conscience. Perhaps, Vijay intends to play it safe lest the results don’t yield in his favour.

Sources claim that the family of the iconic hero attempted to further their support to the AIADMK few months ago, however on not receiving a positive response, a possibly spurned Vijay refrained from taking any open stand.

However, all of this is much in the realm of speculation.

The News Minute reached out to SA Chandrasekar and he refused to comment on the matter.

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