Here’s five food websites and applications that operate in Bengaluru that will satisfy your palate

news FOOD Sunday, May 01, 2016 - 18:04

Bengaluru is increasingly considered unliveable, but there’s still a lot of good stuff about the city, like the sheer range of cuisines available. And yet, unliveable as it is, there’s a little trouble in getting good food to where you are.

Here’s five food websites and applications that operate in Bengaluru that will satisfy your palate:

Fresh Menu

Bored of eating roti sabzi and daal chawal for lunch? Worry not, this app brings food from around the world, from Louisiana Jambalaya to Persian Chickpea Cutlet meal, right at your doorstep. They keep changing their menu every day, and bring you the latest cuisine trends from around the world. With no delivery charges and no mandate for a minimum order, the app promises to deliver the freshly-cooked food in just 45 minutes.


Meal Diaries

When you are living away from home, craving for home cooked meal is your never-ending tale. With fixed menu on all days of the week, Meal Diaries offers you the typical home experience by offering Punjabi aloo gobi meal, a Kerala-style fish meal, and forget not the Dilli Korma. Once you select the meal, you can even choose the time frame that you want it to be delivered.

Masala Box

Food for the neighbours, by the neighbours – is the mantra of Masala Box. The portal has a database of chefs in your neighbourhood classified by cuisine. Chefs change the menu everyday, so that you can experiment within a cuisine of your choice.

Red Cooker

Be it gourmet, home food or a wholesome meal, Read Cooker promises you a whole package. While gourmet is cooked by specialized chefs with FSSAI accreditation, the home food is made in HomeChef’s kitchen to maintain authenticity of taste and flavor. They provide nutrition content of the food on their menu. If your hands itch to cook, as much as you crave for delicious food, you can even become a RedChef or even own a RedKitchen.


A lot of people in Bengaluru swear by Swiggy because it delivers food (almost) wherever you are. From Corner House ice creams to Café Thulp’s burgers, Swiggys brings to you food from around the city, popular joints or not. With absolutely no responsibility to cook food, they just do delivery. Their tie-up with joints around the city offers you a wide variety and in record time of delivery too!

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