The Apple Watch 3 is expected to have LTE chips, making its functionality independent of the iPhone.

Apple Watch 3 leaks May sport a completely new design with LTE connectivity
Atom Technology Tuesday, August 08, 2017 - 20:03
Written by  S. Mahadevan

While everyone is talking about the next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 8, from Apple, there is a lot happening at the wearable counter also at the Cupertino-based tech giant’s end. Apple has had an interesting innings with this segment. When launched first, the reception amongst the buyers and the analysts was not quite positive.

However, the company appears to have made amends and the Apple Watch has found its place in the crowded wearable market. While it is true that Apple clubs many such devices together in its sales reports, estimates place the figure at 31million units; that is the number of Apple wearables sold till date.

But the new device, to be revealed in the Apple Event, next month, is expected to witness a marked change is the design and most other aspects. For starters, the watch will be called Apple Watch 3 and it may look quite different from the way the predecessor devices were presented.

The first major shift might be seen in the Apple Watch 3 being seen less as just an ornamental accessory to the iPhone and being entirely dependent on the smartphone to remain functional and of value to the user.

The latest information is that Apple has partnered with Intel, LTE chips for the new watches and this could be one of the major USPs in the Apple Watch 3. This alone can turn the device into a standalone unit and can be connected to an ISP for internet connectivity.

Rumors even suggest that Apple is already in talks with some of the major players like Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T to work out an arrangement. It is also feasible the carriers who offer the iPhone 8 can add the Apple Watch 3 to their basket.

The current set of rumors also indicate that the battery to be fitted in the new smart watch will be a revamped one, but the question will still remain as to how much increase in power can be packed into the new battery to include the LTE factor in the watch.

Yet another speculation relates to the display. It is expected that the new Apple Watch 3 will sport what is known as a micro-LED display which is superior to the OLED displays being currently used. Besides working better even under bright light conditions, the micro-LED will consume less energy.

One has to add here that all of these reported above are based on a report filed by an avid Apple watcher and he has usually got it right in the past. It is hoped that this time too one gets to see the changes brought about in the Apple Watch 3 next month.

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