A video from YouTube channel ‘JerryRigEverything’ pointed out that Apple’s latest iPad Pro can be bent and completely destroyed seemingly without much exertion.

Apples new iPad Pro prone to bending and breaking easily ReportImage credits: Screenshot | YouTube/JerryRigEverything
Atom Tech Shorts Saturday, November 17, 2018 - 17:58

That all electronic gadgets are brittle and need to be handled with a lot of care is a given. But devices like mobile phones and tablets are meant to be used extensively and survive a fall or two. How do they hold up? What kind of tests do the manufacturers conduct so that even when dropped, these devices are not totally broken? These questions have risen following a video posted on YouTube demonstrating how an iPad Pro can be easily bent by bare hands and broken. The video, which has gone viral shows the host Zack Nelson twisting the Apple product out of shape.

The immediate reaction, as expected, takes extreme positions. Apple is not new to the charge of bending of its devices. The famous iPhone bending inside the pocket of the trousers is still fresh in people’s memories. But critics point out that the smartphones are a lot thicker than the tablets and are expected to stay rigid and not bend.

The one question for which everyone would want an answer after watching the video is if Apple is cutting corners to save costs and in the bargain the integrity of the iPads suffers. Apple is yet to comment on the video.

The major difficulty each time such reports come in is the companies feel they are a drop in the ocean. May be the concerned department is asked to check the veracity of the report silently and that’s about it. And observers have pointed out that Apple need not be singled out for such complaints. It is quite possible if you randomly pick up any tablet in the market including from leading companies like Samsung you may find a similar result on bending them with a light force. How much force might be the real question and Apple may want to address this issue and come out with a statement.

But, for the average owner/user of such devices, the basic learning from the YouTube video is try to protect your iPads with a good cover. Search for the best ones; read the reviews on the best covers and choose the best. A few dollars you spend on putting a cover on can definitely save the device and keep your iPad safe.

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