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The News Minute | November 24, 2014 | 6:00 pm IST For many people, a night of intense drinking and a morning hangover later, realization strikes about the vast possibilities of what occured the previous night. From drunk dialling ex-girlfriends to making that inexcusable call to one’s boss, drunk dialling has been one problem many would be wary off. Joshua Anton decided to find a way out for everyone and came up with an app called Drunk Mode to prevent any drunken phone-related mishaps from every happening. According to MTV, Anton launched the free app in 2013 for all those people wanting to save themselves from a lot of embarrassment. Top of its available features is the option of to hide phone contacts of particularly dangerous people to call while drunk ,. That could include one's boss and parents at the top of the list. Another option the app provides is to allow your friend to keep track of you via GPS so that you don’t lose them during a wild night out. The third is a little inspired from Hangover maybe. But for some could be particularly useful, this option called Breadcrumbs shows you exactly where you went last night.  Quite the handy app.  According to MTV, the creator of this app, Anton came up with this idea after receiving a late night call from a drunk girl.
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