He decided to take a selfie with the train in the background and failed to move out of the way in time

Andhra engineering student dies while trying to take selfie with trainImage for representation
news Accident Thursday, July 21, 2016 - 07:21

The quest for a perfect selfie resulted in the death of an engineering student in Andhra's Kurnool district on Wednesday after he was hit by a train.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the incident took place at a bridge near Neravada in Panyam mandal when two friends, Idrus Bhasha and Govinda Dinne were out on a morning walk and noticed a train approaching them.

The report adds:

The two decided to take selfies with the train in the background and stood on either side of the tracks. While his friend managed to move away seconds before the train reached them, Idrus could not. He suffered grievous injuries and died on the spot.

This comes a month after seven friends drowned in the River Ganga while trying to click a selfie after swimming in the river after it had rained.

"One of the people was clicking a selfie while bathing, following which he lost his balance and started drowning in the river. A second friend tried to save him but he too lost his balance due to the high water level and high current following heavy rainfall," a police officer had said, adding that all the other friends jumped in to save the others but drowned in the attempt.

Earlier this year, The Washington Post reported that India accounted for about half of the 27 selfie-related deaths globally in 2015

The report added:

In 2015, Indians taking selfies died while posing in front of an oncoming train,in a boat that tipped over at a picnic, on a cliff that gave way and crumbled into a 60-foot ravine and on the slippery edge of a scenic river canal.