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The News Minute | December 20, 20144 | 11.44 am IST A video that shows New York City police beat up an unarmed black boy has been viewed over six lakh times on YouTube. The video shows police personnel arresting a boy and onlookers who took the video cry out in outrage when an officer punched the boy even as he was pinned to a car by his colleagues. A woman named Sarah Donegy published the video on December 17 with the description: “This happened today on my way to the post office. The kids were 12. They had supposedly pushed one of their classmates down. However when the victim was asked, he said those weren't the guys. They were still taken away. 12. Years. Old. Sarah Doneghy” According to Alternet, similar videos have been cropping up across the internet, as Americans witness brutal arrests and videograph them in order to put this documentation out in the public domain.
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