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The eyeglass frames are called Echo frames and they have microphones and speakers built into them.

Amazon has expanded its range of Alexa-powered devices by introducing more products that can be controlled through voice commands. These include eyewear frames, earbuds, a smart ring and more smart speakers.

The eyeglass frames are called Echo frames and they have microphones built into them. They also come with speakers, which can be synced with an Android smartphone to listen to your favourite music while on the move. You could use these frames with your normal prescription glasses. Amazon says the Echo frames are sold by invitation only and its price is $180.

Another product available by invitation is the ring which Amazon calls the Echo Loop. You can wear it on your finger and use the same voice commands with Alexa to operate the smart devices around you. This device is priced at $130.

The third item to feature in this latest launch by Amazon is the wireless earbud. Amazon faces the constraint of not owning any hardware of its own to pair these earbuds with. It has therefore made the Echo Buds compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones to operate through Google Assistant or SIRI. These earbuds let you carry out a few tasks through voice commands to book a cab on Uber or to locate a restaurant or coffee shop close by while you are on the move. Amazon’s Echo Buds cost $130 as well.

Amazon has added one more speaker to its range with the launch of the Echo Studio. This device has a five-directional speaker system, with 3 speakers, a tweeter and a bass. Amazon has roped in popular music companies, Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group to support the contents on this Echo Studio speaker. $199 is the price of this new Echo Studio speaker.

Besides these, the other products lined up by Amazon include new home speakers, Echo Flex, Echo Dot and Echo Show 8, the last with a 8inch display screen.

It’s not clear when and which of these products would be made available in the Indian market.