He collected Rs 1,006 in coins

Amazon delights this kid gifts him the lightsaber he wanted to buy with piggybank coins
Flix Star Wars Thursday, April 21, 2016 - 20:50

The Force exists. For seven-year old Rudra Joshi at least. His dearest wish last year came true a week ago: he got the light-saber of his dreams, thanks to Amazon, which gifted it to him after he wrote to them.

All Rudra wanted after watching the last film in the Star Wars series – The Force Awakens – last year, was theh uber cool light saber. His mother, Banani Joshi asked him to save money if he wanted to buy THE weapon of combat. Rudra accepted the challenge and within months had saved Rs 1,006, for the weapon which could make him a Jedi. There was just one catch: he’d saved up coins.

On Facebook, his mother Banani wrote: “Now I possibly couldn't change them for notes, so I fibbed that he should write to Amazon.in if they would accept coins if he did a cash on delivery.”

And he wrote to Amazon.

To Rudra’s delightful surprise Amazon wrote back to him saying, “Yoda has seen that the kid is destined for great things and decided to give him the sabre so he could join the force,” and gifted him a personalized lightsaber from the ‘Amaz-empire’ , formally welcoming him to the Jedi order.

Rudra’s family hails from Shillong and his mother shared his excitement through a Facebook post which has been shared over 1200 times on the social networking platform.

See the letter written by the little Jedi and the response from the ‘Amaz-empire’ here:


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